At this point, one week after the Women's March, it feels each of us who have in their heart patriotic sensibilities¬†feel beaten down. American civic life demands that citizens stand up for civil rights, the Constitution, the ideals of the founding fathers....I'm feeling war-like, under siege. This extraordinary nation is seeing itself attacked from the … Continue reading Turmoil

Out of time, Katniss…

  This is me, walking around since election day. I'm pissed, tough, armed, dangerous. I'm also tall, sleek, unafraid. I'm fighting in a dystopian present that I thought was in the twentieth century past. I'm armed to the teeth not with ideological b.s. but with an innate sense of what is right, kind, good, human. … Continue reading Out of time, Katniss…

Feel like a Warrior and Going to a Party

What's a pissed-off middle-aged warrior princess supposed to do for a holiday party? You know what is expected: the holiday outfit. ¬†The slightly-dressier-than-usual dress, something that makes you unable to let your stomach pooch out, in a fancier fabric than usual. I will admit that this Resistor is rarely invited to dressy holiday events and … Continue reading Feel like a Warrior and Going to a Party

The regular warrior princess, part II

I'm beginning to think designers -- from the high end to the low end -- like artists, were aware of some dark, threatening cultural shifts. The clothing offered this fall is rife with messages warning of danger, and thick with defensive, forbidding tones. This sweater is an example. It's on offer at Macys, and comes … Continue reading The regular warrior princess, part II

The regular gal warrior princess, part 1

Most middle-aged American women are not lithe, sporty, or chic. They are overweight -- sometimes a little, sometimes a lot -- they are short, they are spreading, they are saddled with soft faces, mundane hairstyles inflicted by habit and small-town hair stylists. These are the women easy to underestimate. These are women that are easy … Continue reading The regular gal warrior princess, part 1