Madonna: You don’t see her anymore

Vivid memories of┬áMadonna in the 1983 Mtv video for "Lucky Star." Like Tracy rushing home to watch The Corny Collins Show in Hairspray , I'd rush home after school to watch Mtv, and my first memory of Madonna was in the Lucky Star video. (In the early years, Mtv had veejays, such as Martha Quinn, … Continue reading Madonna: You don’t see her anymore


At War in the World: Women’s suit jackets of the 1940s

This Katniss is from the Mockingjay sequence of the trilogy: This Katniss is openly and actively knocking down the state, "ruining" Panem and the Capitol. This is a Katniss bent on destruction and resurrection. She's dressed for war. Deliberate, planned war. The designers for the third and fourth Hunger Games installments, Kurt and Bart, come … Continue reading At War in the World: Women’s suit jackets of the 1940s

Out of time, Katniss…

  This is me, walking around since election day. I'm pissed, tough, armed, dangerous. I'm also tall, sleek, unafraid. I'm fighting in a dystopian present that I thought was in the twentieth century past. I'm armed to the teeth not with ideological b.s. but with an innate sense of what is right, kind, good, human. … Continue reading Out of time, Katniss…


Written on back: Nancy Henderson, Spring 1947 E.K. S.T.C. (Eastern Kentucky State Teachers College). from a bag of photographs purchased in Springfield "Heart of Ohio Antique Mall"in 2015, random photographs torn from scrap albums. There's nothing "resistant" about Nancy's outfit, until you set her in the context of her time period. Spring 1947 puts Nancy … Continue reading Christmas

Working Women in Desk Set 1957

The 1957 film Desk Set used the costume designs of Charles LeMaire. For Katharine Hepburn, this was an unusual choice, since she worked with scores of costume designers but not LeMaire. Maybe this is why Bunny Watson's (the character played by Hepburn) wardrobe is a bit retro and twee for Hepburn. The above image lays … Continue reading Working Women in Desk Set 1957

Mother’s Daughter: Katharine Hepburn

Katharine Houghton Hepburn, the film actress, was born in 1907 and became famous for her menswear fashion. In many ways, in most ways, she was her mother's daughter. Katharine Hepburn's mother, Katharine Martha Houghton Hepburn, known as "Kit", was a diehard, hard-nosed suffragist. By the time Kit was 16, her father had committed suicide and … Continue reading Mother’s Daughter: Katharine Hepburn

Traveling while black

She poses in front of a 1959 Dodge Custom Royal, a top-end two-color hardtop.Her dress, a black-and-white checked sheath dress with a filmy scarf and black belt, matches the two-tone paint job of the car behind her. The sharp fins on the rear of the car echo the flare of her scarf and the line … Continue reading Traveling while black

Feminine Princelings

Since the election, I've thought a lot about Alexander McQueen. McQueen killed himself in 2010 at age 40. His best friend, Isabella Blow, committed suicide and three years after that┬áhis beloved mother died of cancer; McQueen took his own life nine days after his mother's passing. He left a note to make sure his dogs … Continue reading Feminine Princelings

Nighties as power

At the Glamour Magazine Women of the Year awards, "Tracee Ellis Ross admitted that she had trouble deciding what to wear... ("Do I wear black because I'm in mourning? Do I go to a costume shop and get armor?") In the end, she went with something that reflected how vulnerable she feels this week: a … Continue reading Nighties as power