At this point, one week after the Women’s March, it feels each of us who have in their heart patriotic sensibilities feel beaten down. American civic life demands that citizens stand up for civil rights, the Constitution, the ideals of the founding fathers….I’m feeling war-like, under siege. This extraordinary nation is seeing itself attacked from the top, from within, and by a minority.

If you are reading a blog called Style of Resistance, then you are feeling under duress. And like so many, you are probably dreading in a strange way the upcoming week of…. in many workplaces, pretending things are normal. They are not.

So I’m stewing and thinking of the kind of clothing that signals a kind of subtle antagonism to the ways political power distributes power unequally. The kind of clothing that one might wear to console, arm, support one’s self. I admit, I have no desire to shop or purchase much of anything. I expect in a month or so we’ll hear that sales are down across a wide swath of the economy. But, let’s think about what we might buy.

So here’s one take: slightly grim, pissed-off feel with a big edge of caution. I’m calling this Turmoil Stud Blood.

Turmoil Blood Stud
turmoil khaki
turmoil glam



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