Yellow submarines

Yesterday, Hillary Clinton made a surprise appearance at the UNICEF awards to introduce Katy Perry, who was receiving recognition for her work for children. Hillary wore yellow. Bright highlighter, luminous silk yellow. In the photo from the stage moment, Hillary beams rays of sunshine compared to the wan tones of Perry's dress and the formal, … Continue reading Yellow submarines


Katniss at the Reaping: defenseless until called

Katniss's faded blue rayon dress tells us of the dire straits District 12 residents are under. The fabric limp and sagging after too many wearings and hand-washings, a shade too tight on actress Lawrence's body, and cheaply made, the dress echoes American fashions in 1939-1940, when the Depression was still hurting household budgets, and British fashions … Continue reading Katniss at the Reaping: defenseless until called

The regular warrior princess, part II

I'm beginning to think designers -- from the high end to the low end -- like artists, were aware of some dark, threatening cultural shifts. The clothing offered this fall is rife with messages warning of danger, and thick with defensive, forbidding tones. This sweater is an example. It's on offer at Macys, and comes … Continue reading The regular warrior princess, part II

The regular gal warrior princess, part 1

Most middle-aged American women are not lithe, sporty, or chic. They are overweight -- sometimes a little, sometimes a lot -- they are short, they are spreading, they are saddled with soft faces, mundane hairstyles inflicted by habit and small-town hair stylists. These are the women easy to underestimate. These are women that are easy … Continue reading The regular gal warrior princess, part 1

Suiting up in the 1990s

In 1988 Candice Bergen, a former model whose parents were a Powers fashion model and the world-famous ventriloquist Edgar Bergen, began the long-lived comedy series Murphy Brown. Murphy was a hard-edged reporter, and famously the television show was criticized by Dan Quayle, vice-president at the time. In 1992, Bergen, up for one of the many Emmys … Continue reading Suiting up in the 1990s