Rosa Pesotta

She arrived at the United States of America in 1913, seventeen years old. She got a job, as so many other Ukrainian-Jewish girls, at a shirtwaist factory in New York City. She became one of the most effective labor organizers ever, spending her life working for working people, especially women. She was also a woman … Continue reading Rosa Pesotta


Bell Curves

In 1994 Charles Murray wrote, with a co-author, The Bell Curve, arguing that intelligence was a product of environment and "inherited" factors, that is, good breeding. The chapter presenting this marlarkey of an argument has been largely disproven both in terms of evidence and conclusions (the rest of the book is not as dicey in … Continue reading Bell Curves

Game, Blouses (part 3)

That's Hedy Lamarr (Hedwig Eva Maria Kiesler) just hopping over the fence to visit. Lamarr started in Hollywood films in 1937 and also started inventing all kinds of stuff. A born tinkerer, inventor, and mathematics whiz, during WWII Hedy and her husband developed a frequency-hopping system that "hopped" frequencies across radio waves in order to … Continue reading Game, Blouses (part 3)

At War in the World: Women’s suit jackets of the 1940s

This Katniss is from the Mockingjay sequence of the trilogy: This Katniss is openly and actively knocking down the state, "ruining" Panem and the Capitol. This is a Katniss bent on destruction and resurrection. She's dressed for war. Deliberate, planned war. The designers for the third and fourth Hunger Games installments, Kurt and Bart, come … Continue reading At War in the World: Women’s suit jackets of the 1940s

Traveling while black

She poses in front of a 1959 Dodge Custom Royal, a top-end two-color hardtop.Her dress, a black-and-white checked sheath dress with a filmy scarf and black belt, matches the two-tone paint job of the car behind her. The sharp fins on the rear of the car echo the flare of her scarf and the line … Continue reading Traveling while black

Nighties as power

At the Glamour Magazine Women of the Year awards, "Tracee Ellis Ross admitted that she had trouble deciding what to wear... ("Do I wear black because I'm in mourning? Do I go to a costume shop and get armor?") In the end, she went with something that reflected how vulnerable she feels this week: a … Continue reading Nighties as power

What’s missing in Ivanka’s closet

On the night of her father's election to the presidency, Ivanka wore a very short pinafore dress with a raised waistline and a paper-bag waist. Like so many dresses that she wears, the high-necked, very tightly fitted bodice exposed her arms. As usual, she wore very high heels. There is an eleven-year age difference between … Continue reading What’s missing in Ivanka’s closet