When the suit doesn’t fit

We use phrases that reveal the ways we all recognize how clothing works to reveal one's state of mind. We are in control of ourselves and our clothing -- 'fits like a glove' or 'pull up your socks.' When we lose control, the clothing lets everyone know: 'caught with your pants down' and 'ride their … Continue reading When the suit doesn’t fit

It’s not black and white

Let's talk a bit about the pandemic, about the informal Presidential family-based administration, and about insecurity and power. Let's talk Ivanka. Ivanka's "pandemic fashion" has been odd, static and stilted even beyond her typical two-dimensional style. While she has worn other colors, most published photographs of her in the past 90 days have shown her … Continue reading It’s not black and white

What they wore to win the vote

Original Caption: This delegation of officers of the National American Woman Suffrage Association received from President Wilson a memorial to the French women in which he advocates the federal woman suffrage amendment. The picture was made on steps leading to executive offices of the White House. Front row, left to right: Mrs. Wood Park, Dr. … Continue reading What they wore to win the vote


Recent news coverage of a disastrous BBC interview with Prince Andrew has meant that the web is full of resuscitated images of him. As he is a member of the royal family in the UK, plus had a highly visible divorce from Sarah Ferguson, there are hundreds of unique images out there. Here are four … Continue reading Collared

Full Bloom

In the spring of 1989 Bacon Department Store of Louisville, Kentucky ran a television ad  hawking the gentle washed pastel florals of Jessica McClintock's designs for Gunne Sax. "Spring is in Full Bloom --- and Little Girls make memories ..." A few years before the commercial ran on Louisville t.v. stations, I was dreamily wafting … Continue reading Full Bloom


Tab Hunter, who died in the summer of 2018 at age 86, lived a confidential life, cloaked and out, bearded and naked for the world to see. The Netflix documentary, Tab Hunter Confidential, produced by Tab's long-time partner, tells the complicated story of the "real" Tab Hunter. He was a gay man -- an utterly gay guy … Continue reading Tab!

As If

Moira Rose, played by Catherine O'Hara, has suffered. Her former life is in tatters and she lives in a hovel of a motel, the last remaining property of her vastly wealthy husband, Johnny. Johnny, a self-made billionaire/millionaire, has lost it all to a corrupt financial manager. He, his beloved wife Moira, and their infantile adult children … Continue reading As If

Climb Upward

Took my breath away. Patagonia's website has this incredible photograph on its "Women's Socks and Underwear" page. Why so memorable? Well, she ain't wearing socks. More, the image shows an incredibly fit, strong, athletic female superstar of a gal who has climbed up a canyon wall and is resting on a freakin' ledge. And there … Continue reading Climb Upward

Pure Hearts Aim True

Saturday's March 24 March for Our Lives included short performances by several singers: Jennifer Hudson (age 36), Miley Cyrus (age 25), Audra Day (33), and Ariana Grande (age 24). We're going to talk about the women, because the men wore a mix of casual tshirts, jeans, and pants. But the women showed up in a … Continue reading Pure Hearts Aim True

Portrait of a man

Kehinde Wiley and Barack Obama unveil Mr. Obama's portrait February 12, 2018. What struck me about Mr. Wiley's portrait was actually his suit -- a enlarged windowpane plaid, black with white detailing. And I don't want to talk about Mr. Wiley's fashion statement per se (the suit even drew comment from Mr. Obama). Rather, I … Continue reading Portrait of a man