21st Century Suffragist


For the 21st century woman who is still sick about November, still angry that a majority of white women chose someone who holds women in such low esteem, and for the woman who is determined to fight for a nation that chooses diversity, tolerance, love, kindness, this post is for you.

So let’s try translating the dress of the sales force for the Woman’s Journal, a pro-suffrage publication — and yes, those are the original women’s tote bag!  So, let’s take those black skirts and race them up a bit, to make your more socially-conservative onlookers squirm a bit. Let’s mix in a skeletal t-shirt and a studded jacket in white, reversing the color arrangement of the suffragists above, and then, some sensible flat black boots. Kick ass, girls, kick ass.

21st century suffragist

And another outfit that echoes our suffragists armed with their tote bags. Those fabulous sneakers are Ellen Degeneres, and the Cultivate Kindness tote bag is from Feed. So you can do some good while purchasing. I really like the flared pleated fake leather skirt — it’s a great update on that 19th century/very early 20th century look. The ruched knit skirt is similar but echoes an entirely different style of the time period. And that blouse! Just imagine the outfit put together — it’s very similar to a woman from, say, 1907, marching in the streets.

suffrage 2



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