The regular gal warrior princess, part 1

Most middle-aged American women are not lithe, sporty, or chic. They are overweight — sometimes a little, sometimes a lot — they are short, they are spreading, they are saddled with soft faces, mundane hairstyles inflicted by habit and small-town hair stylists. These are the women easy to underestimate. These are women that are easy to lazily compartmentalize as complacent, easy-going, wholly centered around family and church. They tend to wear “simple” makeup, comfortable clothing with a whiff of older-lady to the styles, sensible shoes.

You are opening yourself to injury if you think these bland middle-aged women are no threat. These are the women who want to see progressive change, who worked to get a woman president in the house, and were rebuffed. These are not simple ladies.

There are pissed off warrior princesses under those pastel and cheerful bright tops, under those “flattering” hairstyles, and those are feet ready to kick your butt shod in their sensible-enough flats and lace-up oxfords.

Here are some “warrior princess” possibilities for the kind of women who think of Macy’s as the “fancy store” to buy clothes from. All these items at Macys, in the plus department, and nothing is more than $200.00, and all items were given strongly positive customer ratings from customers who prize comfort and movability pretty highly.

First up: blood coming out of her “wherever” outfit. A bloody red jacket from Kenneth Cole Plus (sale $78.99 reg. $160.00), sweet polka dot sweater skirt from Rachel Roy Plus (sale $43.99, reg. $99.00), and over the knee kickass boots from Calvin Klein (sale $99.00, reg. $199.00) with a welcome stretch panel back.

The moto jacket  (okay, this is cheating, because it’s only available in 3x, would be impossible to clean, and while on sale at $74.99, it’s regularly $205.99)has a fleece lining, which is very very cool. Wear this puppy over a long black tshirt or blouse that hangs past the jacket. The metallic bootie is from Naturalizer and is $119.00, and the black ponte knit pants have a sweet bootleg flare and frankly, fit normally for most (INC Concepts, sale $31.80, reg. $79.00). The second outfit is another moto jacket, this time entirely knit and has a softer look because it’s all light grey (sale $69.99, reg. $99) so pair it with tougher boots (Born Pirlo Buckle Booties at $145.00). This grey moto jacket is an “active knit”, so it’s intended as quasi-workout gear, so pair it with a black tee that looks a bit more dressy, like a spandex knit.



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